Recent Updates:

December, 2023

  • Added a "slider" to feature bulletins and announcement on the Home page. The slider will feature not only our announcements, but those of other area churches that are brought to my attention and are note worthy.
  • Add December NMI updates.
  • Various housekeeping cleanup on several pages


November, 2023

  • Updated featured items on Home page to make use of the Layer Slider
  • Cleaned up and updated Nazarene News and NMI Updates to include latest information from Helen E.
  • Updated featured items to remove old items and include new listing from Anthem Church.
  • Updated Weekly Events to include Corinna D.'s new flyer for Kingdom Seekers. Remove old events.


September, 2023

  • Updated Nazarene New and NMI pages with latest info
  • Added a feature to the website to display Nazarene News on the right side of certain pages
  • Added 2 documents to Home Page and Updated NMI with latest information
  • Changed format of homepage documents to 3 columns
  • Updated Home Page weekly events


August, 2023

  • Updated Home Page to include Monthly Events and updated Sunday School Event.
  • Added new featured article, Tree Of Life, on the HOME page. Removed older HOME page featured articles.


July, 2023

  • Update NMI Central to include the past 4 months of articles. Now all articles in the NMI section will be on display by the month and year they were delivered, one page for every month. Article Monthly Index is included at the head of the page.
  • Added article for NMI Central - Asia-Pacific Region
  • Updated Home Page with Special & Weekly Events and Graphics.


June, 2023

  • Home page was updated to include featured articles now.
    • I also moved the Recent Updates to the bottom of the homepage.
    • All content in the Home page are now using Modules so it can be edited for format more easily.
  • Updates Mission & Value statement so the images are hosted from our website, not from the Nazarene Churches repository.
  • Created categories for present and past featured articles so that if someone wants to search our website for a specific article that is no longer being publish they have a way to find that article using the search feature of the website.
  • Added new featured article titled THREE WAYS TO OBSERVE DAY OF THE CHRISTIAN MARTYR to the Home page
  • SDMI page added, No expiry
  • NMI Menu changed to fix bug when viewing website in Android Chrome
  • NMI Central Updated
  • Changed the Events menu to now break out special events and weekly bulletins
  • Fixed a bug in the menu displaying on mobile devices.
  • Added the Special Events page, No Expiry
  • Added the Weekly Bulletins page, No Expiry
  • Changed Latest Videos menu to reflect a new format.
    • It's now called Bayshore Media and will include a link to our playlist for all of the Sunday Sermons on the Bayshore YouTube account as well as a link to all of the In-house Presentation Music that has been uploaded to an my external YouTube account playlist for House Presentations.
  • Updated Home Page to reflect new events pages
  • Events page updated Saturday, June 10th, 2023, and will expire June 23rd, 2023.
  • NMI page updated with 1 article, June 10th, 2023, No expiry.
  • Nazarene News updated with 2 articles, June 10th, 2023, No expiry.