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Connecting Generations to Jesus


God has a great plan for you. To receive His saving grace then just ask Him for it. All grace is possible through Jesus Christ who died for our sins.


Connecting Generations to Jesus


Bayshore Church of the Nazarene is a church for the whole family

Morning Worship | 10:30am
Evening Service | 6:00pm


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The Church:Thyatira Revelation 2:18-29

The Seven Churches in Revelation. This week is the Thyatira Church. The Bible says their problem was that the church was tolerate toward sexual immorality and spiritual disciplines. The question is, "How can the church be INTOLERANT and still be effective?" in today's world. The Bible has the answer.

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I was doing some work on the computer and as like most of us I got a notification from a friend I follow. It was Bruce Cadle, and he just posted something that I wanted to share and discuss with you. It was regarding a book that he had read and the three things we needed in order to help us project Christ through us to others around us. His post on FaceBook dated November 3rd, 2015 read as follows:

Good Morning All!

I’ve been reading a book by Kennon Callahan titled, “The Future That Has Come.” In that book he points out the need for three behavioral traits as we seek to project Christ to our world—whether in the home place, the marketplace, or the workplace. Those three traits are:

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About Bayshore Church

We are a church for the whole family, young and old. We love our God and praise him in the highest through prayer, song and thanks giving.