Giving Credit Where Credit Is Due


Bayshore Church of the Nazarene would like you to know whose work we used in order to give you the content you see today. Please note that we have taken every effort to only use graphics and content that are considered "Free to use" and when placed in this website held no copyrights other than the Creative Commons Use licenses of various levels. Those items that are not considered "Free To Use" were purchased and are properly licensed.




Various icons you see on our website were made by some very creative people and we would like to give them the credit they deserve.


The Charity Icon  that you see in the bottom right corner was found at and was edited to work with the current theme of the website.


We'd like to thank for various images and/or icons that we have used. They do a good job to ensure that the media they have and share is in the public domain.


Other icons in this site are provided by the website template. The template was purchased from and includes many features for icons, fonts, images, and layout. All of which was edited for the purpose of this website.


Our CONTACT form is powered by Creative Contact Forms.


Many of the water/beach images were downloaded several years ago and the links for those images have been lost. They were all considered "free to use" and in the public domain when downloaded and applied to the website. Some may have been taken by the webmaster himself.


The Future Is Open Wide...


Some features have not been used in this latest version of the website, but we plan on using them in the future. They include:

Creative Slider for Business: With this utility, we will be able to display and manipulate multimedia of all types on our web pages, or even create complete web sites using this powerful module.



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